PT. Karunia Selaras Abadi is a flexible packaging converting company that was established in 2000, employing more than 160 dedicated professionals in their respective fields.

Our factory, where our quality products are produced, is located in Krian, Sidoarjo. Our office is located in Surabaya.

Being supported by innovative research, our company focuses on best quality, product stability, delivery punctuality, and excellent services to fulfill our clients’ satisfaction.


KSA strives to be the best flexible packaging company to produce the best quality products, and to focus on our customer’s satisfaction through our core values ‘Everlasting’, or ‘ABADI’ in Indonesian.

A: Active responses to our customer’s needs and feedbacks
B: Builds on product quality improvement and on continuous service provision
A: Actively promote effective communication
D: Discipline
I: Internal improvements


To be an excellent flexible packaging manufacturer and to become a solution to our customer’s needs.


  • Produces effectively and efficiently, with great professional discipline
  • Works on effective communication; both towards our customers and our suppliers
  • Works on continuous improvements in every aspects of our company