Why should you join us?

  1. We invest in learning
    Nurturing talent is crucial to our growth. To lead in a highly competitive market, we need to attract, retain, and develop people effectively. As such, our team development strategies must be effective, engaging, but also easy to consume.
  2. We believe in being part of the team.
    We believe that to be part of the team, our employees must understand our vision and their role within it. Equally, we also involve our employees in finding out what needs to change in order to grow together as a team.
  3. We invest in our employees.
    We believe that our employees are our greatest assets, and adding team knowledge is a part of our investment, by sponsoring our employees to trainings and seminars.
  4. Teambuilding.
    We host activities to encourage teambuilding, such as our yearly company retreat and other gatherings.

How to Apply?

Simply email your resume/CV to personalia.karuniaselarasabadi@gmail.com, with your subject as “[Position Name] : [Your Name]”, where you replace [Position Name] with the position you are applying for, and [Your Name] with your own name.

You will receive a reply within 5-7 business days when you pass the initial selection.